Adapter Kits Product Details
RF Industries, Ltd - 7610 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA 92126
Part Number RFA-4195-02
Description Low PIM Adapter Kit, 6 pieces in foam padded zipper case, 4.1-9.5(Mini) DIN to 7-16 DIN, White bronze (tri-metal) plating and stainless steel hex nuts
Description2 RFD-4195-1950 (4.1-9.5 Male to 4.1-9.5 Female), RFD-4195-1952 (4.1-9.5 Male to 4.1-9.5 Female Right Angle), RFD-1681-4 (4.1-9.5 Male to 7-16 Female), RFD-1682-4 (4.1-9.5 Male to 7-16 Male), RFD-1683-4 (4.1-9.5 Female to 7-16 Female), RFD-1684 (4.1-9.5 Fe
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